Navicular Research Gallium Nitrate Bone & Joint Support

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Navicular Research Gallium Nitrate Bone and Joint Support Anti - Inflammatory Pain Relief Equine Formula

Hello!I have seven seconds to convince you of how you can save your navicular horse's life. Read on!

Research trial evidence shown at ( (see Fig. 1 & 2) shows that our gallium nitrate product greatly reduces both the incidence of lameness and the severity of lameness of navicular syndrome and navicular disorders, often within 2 weeks. Does your horse need relief from navicular syndrome pain and lameness? Tried everything? About ready to give up? The solution to your problem is here! What is gallium? It is element 31 immediately to the right of zinc on the periodic table of the elements.

How does it work? Its main effects are in inhibiting bone resorption through its effects on bone osteoclasts (like Tildren) and second through its effects in stimulating bone formation through action on osteoblasts (bone-forming cells). Both of these absolutely vital benefits to navicular disease (navicular syndrome) are explained in Sections IV A and B of Mechanisms of Therapeutic Activity for Gallium, but briefly gallium nitrate fixes navicular bones! Permanently! Gallium nitrate also has strong anti-inflammatory effects and strong pain-relief benefits among many other benefits shown at

Regardless, your navicular horse will become sound faster and stay sounder longer with this product than any other product! No equine navicular disorder product has ever before offered all of these benefits. For example, Tildren only provides one of these benefits, not all. Don't believe us? See these TESTIMONIALS at our original page started in 1996.

The active ingredient in this navicular syndrome product is a special type of higher pH, non-citrated gallium nitrate. It is our special equine formula and it is not available elsewhere.

This product is sold as either a 14% or as a 42% CONCENTRATE. See our 14% label here and our 42% label here.

Before oral use, these products must be diluted to a one percent (1%) solution as directed on the labels. WARNING! THIS IS NOT OPTIONAL! Be certain to stir the mixture very well.

One bottle of the 14% gallium nitrate will last 14 days, and the 42% gallium nitrate will last 42 days, a time period highly likely to produce full recovery. Use the daily dosage bottle labels found at this page.

These products are not intended for pregnant, lactating, breeding or food production horses. (Mandatory FDA disclaimer)

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. (Mandatory FDA disclaimer)


A 14-day supply: A half liter bottle of Navicular Research Gallium Nitrate Bone & Joint Support (14% gallium nitrate) is $90.00 plus $12 shipping and handling.

A 42-day supply: A half liter bottle of Navicular Research Gallium Nitrate Bone & Joint Support (42% gallium nitrate) is $250.00 plus $12 shipping and handling.

NOTE:Domestic Shipments are shipped USPS 2-3 day priority -- please include $12.00 for shipping and handling. We will combine ship up to 5 bottles. Add additional $12.00 per 5 bottle-incremental orders. For non-USA shipments see below.


Chemical Gallium Nitrate

Occasionally, people, especially scientists and international importers, want a non-drug product; and for the same price we offer the same product with a Chemical Label, which is located here for inspection.

Ordering and Shipping

Thank you for ordering with us! Your navicular horse will be so pleased to be sound again!

Concerning shipping, the customer must pay for shipping. We recommend First Class mail cheap but reasonably fast and highly secure.

We ship to all non-USA destinations without problems using a chemical label. Due to the high cost of out-of continental U.S.A. shipping, we strongly recommend the 42% solution since the shipping costs for the 42% and the 14% are the same, and considerable prorated costs can be saved by ordering the 42% solution.

For international shipping, we recommend "Priority Mail Express International" due to its outstanding tracking capability and speed. We will also ship using the least expensive means (First class Package International) if requested, but note that it is without tracking services. We always ship in a Package (not a US Postal Service Flat Rate box). Bottles weigh 2.0 pounds each. Use this weight to compute fees for shipping outside of the USA. Calculate postage fees using this U.S. Postal Service page and 78701 for our zip code.

Always include your telephone number in your order.

Administration kit for gallium nitrateNOTE: We also offer an administration "kit", which includes a 60CC syringe (to measure the 12 or 36CC concentrated gallium nitrate doses) with a 6-inch plastic tube installed (to facilitate removal of the concentrated solutions from the bottle) and an empty 500CC plastic bottle with cap for use in mixing and storing the 1% solutions. If you want this kit, please add an additional $10 to your order.

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NOTE:The dosages recommended on the label are for a 1200 pound horse. Lighter weight animals must be give a proportionately lower dose. For example, a 600 pound animal would be given 250 CC of the 1% solution daily, while a 120 pound animal would be given 50CC of the 1% solution.

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